Thursday, May 1, 2008

1289. A battery tester:

The gauge is showing a little wear, the top line reads: "Battery Amperes".

1290. A windlass that was used by a cooper, the rope was tightened around a barrel to keep the staves in place.

1291. The slots in this hammer were used to bend sheet metal:

From Scotty Fulton's collection

1292. A bookbinder's pad for dispensing gold leaf, a roll of it is held on one end, unwound onto the pad, and then picked up by running a heated fillet roll over it. With this device the handling and cutting of gold was eliminated, saving both time and material.

These next two photos show embossing or fillet rolls that were posted on this site a couple years ago:

1293. A gas burner from a dental lab:

1294. A laser projector, the red knobs in the front control the speed of the spinning mirrors and the black switches on the top toggle the direction of the spin.

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